Switzerland is considered a pioneer in the production and development of cannabis products for medical, cosmetic or even lifestyle applications. Appropriate legislation has developed and established a market in recent years that meets the highest quality standards and has now defined standards worldwide. In order to achieve this, already at the very beginning of the production chain – on the crop raw material, the cutting – the focus is on quality and nothing was left to chance.

The team of the “Stecklingsfarm”, with its owner Jonas Jermann, specialized early on in the production of high-quality CBD cuttings according to the medical technology standard. The company has set itself the goal of selecting cannabis plants with special properties and multiplying them in large quantities and with the same quality all year round. Visionary commitment, focused discipline, uncompromising quality standards but also the careful choice of partners have set new standards. Today, Stecklingsfarm builds on the FLEX-PRO LED series from SANlight Solution for the horticulutral illumination solution. Among other things, it contributes to the rapid and healthy development of the plant, hardens it and ensures the ideal starting point for active ingredient formation. This is always done in strict compliance with the legal requirements in the area of ​​THC concentration. Thanks to the perfect interplay of experience, commitment and a constructive partnership, customers of Stecklingsfarm can enjoy a high flower yield, high-quality buds and always optimized genetics. Quality and customer satisfaction have the highest priority and position the Stecklingsfarm in the industry as a valued, innovative and reliable supplier of the highest quality plant material.

The use of the SANlight Solution FLEX-PRO LED lights for rooting the CBD cuttings has the following advantages:

rapid rooting
high rooting rate
extremely robust cuttings
reduced light stress during further cultivation
shortened culture times

Due to the light spectrum of the FLEX-PRO LED lights, the metabolism of the cuttings is positively influenced and stimulated from the beginning, which is reflected in the end result in an extremely profitable way.