Company with a long tradition now relies on innovative lighting.

The Austrian company Saatzucht Donau breeds and develops high-quality and high-yielding seeds for cereals, oil and protein plants using modern technologies and in close cooperation with partner companies and research institutes. Customers throughout Europe benefit from the company’s breeding successes. The focus of breeding is on healthy, high-quality varieties that are suitable for integrated cultivation. Special varieties are bred for organic farming.
In order to guarantee firstclass quality in the future, Saatzucht Donau seeks close cooperation in international research projects as well as new innovative ways of lighting.

Saatzucht Donau decided to replace the conventional lighting in the greenhouses by an innovative LED lighting solution. No conversion or complex cabling work was allowed todisturb or even stop the ongoing operation.
SANlight Solution took on the task and, in close cooperationwith the customer, developed a technological solution that is flexible in many respects. It convinces with its easy handling and energy efficiency. However, it is also characterized by a constant reliability over a periodof several years.
Thus the solution ensures the high requirements of a stable exposure in continuous operation and enables a fast adjustment of the configuration for new growing trials. The position of the luminaires can be specifically adjusted by the horticulturist according to the growth stage of the cereal stalks and ears.

In order to achieve the optimal result, the PQ series of SANlight Solution, developed in the SANlight laboratory, was adapted in coordination with the customer on a project-related level. The emissionspectrum is tuned to the special requirements for breeding winter barley and winter wheat as well as winter rape. The optimized optical concept ensures the uniformity of light distribution on the working plane. As the directed part of the radiation penetrates deep into the plant roof, the lower parts of the cereal stalks are also stimulated by the light. As an additional effect, the chosen optical concept has greatly reduced the light pollution around the greenhouse.

The close cooperation and the intensive exchange between Saatzucht Donau and SANlight Solution
guarantee a high level of quality:
• Improved growth and high quality cereals in cultivation
• Energy savings of more than 40% through high efficiency
• Individual adaptation of the exposure concepts in the cultivation mode
• Reduction of light pollution around the greenhouse