PQ Series – Five lights.
Many application possibilities.
Even more yield.

In the new PQ series we have incorporated our application experience from a decade of plant exposure. Highest efficiency, perfect light control, passive cooling and IP protection class result in a powerful package. The integrated control gear and the through-hole connection with reliable industrial connectors guarantee the quick installation of the PQ series in your greenhouse or indoor farm.

The optics are designed in such a way that the lights optimally illuminate a large cultivation area, even at high room heights, while providing a very energy-saving solution. The PQ-series also shows this strength in indoor systems with low installation height and high light requirements. The broadband light spectrum not only promotes the maximum rate of photosynthesis, but also helps the plant to regulate its hormone balance..

Overview of technical data

  • Efficiency of 2.5mmol/J
  • Broadband, continuous light spectrum especially for fruit producing plants
  • Power consumption up to 350W
  • Rectangular and homogeneous illumination of the culture area
  • 90% light output after 80,000 operating hours
  • Daisychainbar
  • Passive cooled

Typical applications

  • Exposure of light-hungry plants indoors
  • Cultivation of ornamental and useful plants
  • Full-value environmentally friendly replacement of sodium vapor lights in the greenhouse
  • Ornamental Plant Cultivation
  • Herbal cultivation
  • Tomatoes


the PQ series increases…

  • the quality of your harvest
  • the quantity of your harvest
  • the homogeneity of your harvest
  • the usable cultivation area (multilayer systems are possible)
  • the productivity of your company

the PQ series reduces…

  • Your running costs (energy costs, maintenance costs, …)
  • the temperature in the cultivation room
  • Your risk
  • the water consumption of your plants
  • the time for rooting clones
  • the use of chemicals (upsetting agents, pesticides)