Service characterized by lighting expertise and project experience.

We always proceed the same way.

Your project is always the most important.

“The customer is king” is obligatory. But we are not your servant, rather an equal partner. Let us question, discuss and focus on the best solution for your project. This requires that we also do our homework.


The perfect spectrum.

We support the success of your company with first-class exposure. The basis for this is the optimal adjustment of the light spectrum to the plant. We work with broadband, sunlight-like spectra with sufficient color rendering to ensure healthy and profitable growth.

Exposure planning that takes you further.

It is essential that the light is perfectly directed at your plants. Our experienced team of opticians, lighting designers and LED experts give the light the optimal direction and the plant culture the best conditions. Each plant culture requires different exposure values and duration. In order to make the best possible forecasts, we build up your respective planting situation in the virtual world in advance.

Suspension and electrical engineering design

In your production facility a new exposure system must be integrated cost-efficiently. Based on the exposure planning, we create a suspension and cabling plan especially for your project. The solutions ensure easy installation by semi-skilled employees. The use of skilled workers is reduced to the connection of the power distribution to the power supply.


Implementation of turn key solutions.

You want to upgrade your existing production plant to the latest state of the art? You do not have the time and resources to do everything yourself? We relieve you and take care of the entire exposure system. From the conception to the complete integration. You can even leave the running operation entirely in the hands of our production team.

Process optimization during production start-up.

New light means adjustments to the existing process parameters of your production plant. With the help of our many years of project experience and our sound product know-how, we accompany the process. This optimization with our experience and knowledge promises you high yields and a worthwhile investment for the future.