Would you like to get to know us and convince yourself of our many years of plant expertise, our light knowledge and how we can sustainably help your company achieve healthy growth?

Better light - better plants. The PQ-Series from Sanlight Solution.

Promote plant growth and create optimal working conditions with the right lighting solution.

Colorful flowers encourage joy - we encourage growth with our lighting solutions.

Give your customers an emotional experience and yourself the security of being able to offer the most beautiful ornamental plants.

Get a taste of higher productivity and quality. With light.

Increase your yield with the same area. Increase your efficiency and stay flexible. In short: increase your success.

SANlight Solution – better light, better plants

We are revolutionizing professional crop production with innovative lighting technology and tailor-made exposure solutions that guarantee efficient photosynthesis and biomass production. To do this, we use our grown plant knowledge and extensive project experience. In this way, we guarantee you the best results in the complex interplay of numerous parameters.

Our internal research department always develops our products with the latest technological knowledge.

This approach guarantees you sustainable corporate development and a head start that will continue to pay off in the future.

Higher cannabinoid contend with SANlight Solution.

Higher cannabinoid contend with SANlight Solution.

«Mankis Farm» is one of the pioneers in the production of CBD cannabis. Very early on, the Swiss company relied on grown know-how, innovative technologies and - to optimize the growth parameters - on a partner with many years of experience in professional cannabis...

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About us

For us, growth does not only have to do with plants. Also with your company. In 2011 SANlight GmbH (sanlight.com) was founded with headquarters in Bludenz Austria. In 2018 this was followed by the foundation of SANlight Solution GmbH, based in Jennersdorf/Austria, with the aim of providing professional gardeners with innovative and customized lighting solutions

Our products

All our lighting solutions have a focus. Your success. Our products contain all our knowledge, our curiosity for new solutions and our passion for plants. We don’t stand still and make sure that your investment pays off today and tomorrow.


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Tolle Lösung

Intelligente Lichtlösungen fördern das Wachstum meiner Pflanzen. Und meines Unternehmens.
- Anja Gruber